50 S. Beretania St #C-211B,
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813



Recruitment Information

Full-time position at Operation Department
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Fluent in English (Listening/Speaking/Writing)
Fluent in Chinese is preferred but not required
Detail oriented
Basic Computer skill such as MSWord, MSExcel, Outlook, etc…
Experience is preferred but not required

Job description:

  • Liaising with coach operators, airlines, hoteliers and resort reps
  • Agreeing service levels, contracts and costs
  • Confirming customer names with airlines/hotels
  • Collecting, evaluating and responding (as appropriate) to customer feedback
  • Using market research information to guide decisions
  • Producing brochures and internet-based information
  • Providing pricing information
  • Marketing holidays to clients via travel agents, websites, brochures and television advertising
  • Handling bookings, invoicing and issuing of tickets
  • Predicting profits or number of bookings


Please email your resume and available working time to