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2019.11.16 Discover the Native Culture in Wakayama & Mie

Wakayama, Shirahama, Toba, Ise, Iga, Toyota, Nagoya & Osaka

Itinerary, Departures, & Destinations

B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner | SD: Special Dinner

Day 1**Nov. 16 | Honolulu –> Kansai
We begin our journey by boarding an international flight to Kansai Airport, the gateway city to Osaka.  Meals and snacks will be served on the plane.

Day 2**Nov. 17 | Kansai – Wakayama
Arrive at Kansai International Airport.  We will meet with an Air and Sea Travel Representative who will escort us to our hotel in Osaka.  As the third largest and second most important city in Japan, Osaka has been an economic powerhouse for many centuries.

Day 3**Nov. 18 | Wakayama – Shirahama | (B, D)
Today, we will visit Wakayama Castle, built in 1585 under the command of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.   In the Edo period, it flourished as an important base for the Tokugawa Clan, which turned out many generals.  Now it serves as a symbol of Wakayama City, and its tower offers great views of the whole town.  Next, we will proceed to Kuroshio Market, where you can enjoy a Live Maguro Cutting Show by a professional fishmonger.  You can watch a nearly 100 kg tuna get cut up before your very eyes.   Umeboshi (plum) is one of the local specialties in Wakayama. It makes up almost 70% of Japan’s total harvest and some records show it has been eaten for over 1200 years.  Due to its sour taste, umeboshi is not a popular food overseas, but in Japan it has accompanied rice throughout the years.  Today, will visit an umeboshi factory and museum, Kishu Umeboshi Kan, and we will have an opportunity to make our own umeshu wine!  After our long day, we will be rejuvenated at a Shirahama Onsen hotel tonight.  Enjoy “Shirahama Onsen”, one of Japan’s three historical hot springs which has 1300 years of history and heals one’s mind and body.  

Day 4**Nov. 19 | Shirahama | (B, L, D)
This morning, we will visit the Aquarium in Kushimoto Marine Park, the first marine park established in Japan.  The park is located along Sabiura Coast in Kushimoto the southern-most point of Honshu Island.  Kuroshio Current is a warm current from the Philippines that passes along the eastern coasts of Japan, providing clear and warm sea water throughout the year.  Lots of tropical and subtropical marine life such as corals and colorful fishes can be seen.  Many coral reef creatures are living among the coral colonies and form the northern-most coral reef ecosystem in the world.  The beautiful under seascape of Kushimoto Marine Park and marine life living there is reproduced in the aquarium.  Before returning to our onsen hotel, we will visit the Sandanbeki Cave, one of the most interesting spots that were named from its historical use as a lookout point for fishermen watching for boats or shoals of fish. The first two kanji that make up its name “Sandan” can also be read as midan, which means viewing platform.  You can take a Sandanbeki Cliffs elevator ride to underground caves, allowing you to experience the dynamic presence of the stormy seas right before your eyes.

Day 5**Nov. 20 | Shirahama – Ise – Toba | (B, L, D)
After breakfast, we will proceed to Toba and visit Jofuku Park, built to commemorate Jofuku, a Chinese scholar who was ordered to Japan by Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang to find the elixir of life around 2200 years ago.  He came with 3000 boys and girls, and in Shingu found Tendai Uyaku, an herb that he believed could grant immortal life. However, Jofuku was enchanted by Shingu’s natural beauty and comfortable climate, so he and his followers settled down there, teaching the locals how to farm, fish, and whale.  After lunch, we will continue our tour to Ise, a city located on the Shima Peninsula in Mie Prefecture. Ise Grand Shrine (Ise Jingu), the most sacred Shinto shrine dates back to the 3rd century and is considered to be the spiritual home of the Japanese and its national religion Shintoism.  It consists of two major shrines that stand several kilometers apart from each other, the Inner Shrine (Naiku) and the Outer Shrine (Geku), and over a hundred smaller shrines spread across the region.  More than 1,500 annual rituals are conducted here to pray for the prosperity of the Imperial family, the peace of the world, and the huge harvest.  Kotaijingu (Naiku) is the most venerable sanctuary in Japan. She is dedicated to Amaterasu-Omikami, the ancestral kami of the Imperial family, was enshrined in Naiku about 2,000 years ago, and revered as a guardian of Japan.  We can also walk around Okage-yokocho Street, a tiny town in front of the Inner Shrine (Naiku) for souvenir shopping in Old Japan and enjoy lunch on our own here.  Tonight, we will check into an Onsen Hotel in Toba.

Day 6**Nov. 21 | Toba –   Iga Nagoya | (B, L)
Today, let’s become a cool ninja in Iga!  We will visit Ninja Museum (Ninja Hakubutsukan) to experience the secret life of ninja. It consists of a ninja residence, two exhibition halls and a stage which hosts ninja shows.  “Ninja Yashiki” (Ninja House) looks like an ordinary farmhouse from the outside, but the inside has many clever contraptions to defend oneself from enemies. There are revolving walls, trap doors, and hidden compartments. The exhibition halls display ninja tools, gadgets, costumes and weapons and describe the ninja way of life and practical techniques used by the ninja.  One example is to tell the time by observing a cat’s pupils. The ninja show features authentic ninja skills and real weapons, including a splendid demonstration of throwing stars. After lunch, we will visit Nabana no Sato for the largest illumination event in Japan.  Over 8 million LED lights are used to illuminate the different installations within the 210,000 square meter area of Nabana no Sato.  From the illuminated lake in the center of the park to the flying observatory ride that soars up to a height of 45m, giving you a bird’s eye view of the vibrant park, Nabana no Sato is a sight to behold.  Stealing the show are the Instagram-worthy Illuminated Tunnels that are decorated with millions of light bulbs. Tonight, we will drive to Nagoya and stay there overnight.

Day 7**Nov. 22 | Nagano – Osaka(B, L)
Today, we will depart for Toyota Automobile Museum, opened in 1989 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Toyota Motor Corporation.  The main exhibits include 140 vehicles from all over the world from the late 1800s to the 1960s.  The goal of the museum is to present the history of the automobile in a more approachable manner, and to show how the interaction between Japanese and foreign carmakers have stimulated and accelerated the evolution of the auto industry throughout the world. After lunch, we will start our adventure in Legoland Japan.  The amusement park is separated into seven themed areas, matching the different universes in the Lego world. One of the interesting areas is “Miniland Japan“, which highlights the iconic attractions across the entire country and is constructed out of millions of Lego bricks. Here you can find Kyoto, Tokyo and Mount Fuji just a few steps away from one another.  The rotating Observation Tower not far from Miniland offers a bird’s eye view of the park and its surroundings.  The remaining six areas,  Factory– offers a factory tour where visitors can learn more about how Lego bricks are manufactured;  Bricktopia– has rides as well as a hands-on area where you can attend workshops to learn more about model and robotics creation, and a model building and testing room.  An official Lego shop, The Big Shop, sells Lego sets and products from across the Lego universe. Adventure, Lego City, Knight’s Kingdom and Pirate Shores offer a range of attractions and scheduled shows. 

Day 8**Mar 13 | Osaka | (B)
After breakfast, enjoy a free day to shop around the city and eat whatever looks interesting.  “Shop till you drop; eat till you overflow!”  You can enjoy shopping in Shinsaibashi, the largest and best known shopping area in Osaka where many boutiques and specialty shops attract local people and visitors.  The Shinsaibashi evolved from the arcaded streets “Shinsaibashi Shopping Street”.  With a history of 380 years, it was already an established shopping area in the Edo Period.  Shops of all kinds and for all ages line the street, a roofed 600 meter long arcade.  Dōtonbori is another principal tourist destination in Osaka.  One of the area’s most prominent landmarks is “The Glico Man”, a billboard for confectionery company Glico displaying the image of a runner crossing the finish line and an icon of Osaka within Japan. 

Day 9**Nov. 24 | Osaka – Kansai –> Honolulu | (B)
After breakfast, we will go to Expo City, Japan’s largest entertainment complex, opened in Suita City, Osaka in November 2015.  There are eight entertainment sections, such as Nifrel aquarium, Osaka English Village, and 109 Cinemas.  We will spend our time here before we transfer to the airport.  After a long day, we will go to Kansai Airport for our return flight to Honolulu, taking with us the lasting memories of this wonderful trip to Japan.

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  • One of Three Historical Hot Springs (3 Nights)
  • Kuroshio Market – Maguro Cutting Show
  • Spectacular Winter Illumination – Nabana no sato
  • Toyota Automobile Museum
  • LEGOLAND Japan
  • Japan’s most sacred Shinto Shrine – Ise Grand Shrine
  • Ninja Museum
  • Sandanbeki Cave
  • Hands on Activities – Umeboshi (Plum wine) Making
  • Japan’s Largest Complex – ExpoCity
  • Gratuity for Tour Guides & Drivers

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