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181107 Amazon Cruise

Bahamas, French West Indies, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, French Guiana, Brazil, Trinidad , Tobago & Puerto Rico

Itinerary, Departures, & Destinations

B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner | SD: Special Dinner

Traveling Date: Nov 7- Dec2, 2018

Day 1**Nov 7 | Honolulu – Miami
We start our vacation by boarding a domestic flight to Miami via Los Angeles.  Overnight on board.

 Day 2**Nov 8 | Miami Fort Lauderdale | (D)
Arrive at Miami International Airport.  We will be greeted by an Air & Sea Travel representative and transfer to embark on the Crystal Symphony at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale.  Sharing the limelight with her fleet mate, Crystal Symphony is one of two magnificent ships that has earned Crystal Cruises the distinction of being The World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line.  There are 12 new suites and 28 new penthouses.  Crystal Symphony will feature more innovative dining options with expanded specialty venues and open-seating, more state-of-the-art technologies including free, unlimited Wi-Fi.  Enjoy our luxury experience on board.

 Day 3**Nov 9 | Bimini, Bahamas | (B, L, D)
Appearing as emerald streaks in a sapphire sea, the two islands of Bimini—North Bimini and South Bimini—are just 50 miles from Miami, but just far enough to have garnered some lore and legend: The isles were used as a secret storehouse for rum-runners during prohibition and Ernest Hemingway made no secret of spending time here knocking back libations and trolling for the Bahamas’ world-famous game fish.  Today, this tropical locale is a favorite escape for vacationers seeking a laid-back pace, astounding natural scenery, a drink or two of rum and a dip in gin-clear waters.

Day 4**Nov 10 | Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean | (B, L, D)
Our Story at Sea.  Adventure.  Romance.  Discovery.

Day 5**Nov 11 | Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean | (B, L, D)
Our Story at Sea.  Adventure.  Romance.  Discovery.

Day 6**Nov 12 | Gustavia, St. Barts | (B, L, D)
St. Barts forms part of the French Overseas Region of Guadeloupe.  Descendants of settlers from Brittany and Normandy operate its tiny inns, shops and restaurants.  This charming, slow-paced island attracts tourists year-round to its shores.  The graceful meadows surrounded by low stone fences, spectacular beaches, the small volcanic mountains, and the quaint Creole-style villages are just several of the alluring aspects of this tranquil island.

Day 7**Nov 13 | Terre-de-Haut/Guadeloupe, French West Indies |(B, L, D)
Translating to “Land of High”,— Terre-de-Haute is indeed positioned above its neighboring Île de Saintes, Terre-de-Bas.  Terre-de-Haute also rises to the top of vacation hotspots thanks to a magical combination of Caribbean locale and French joie de vivre. Geographically small at  three miles long and one-and-a-half miles wide, the island is big in international sailing, with yachts and other vessels—including your own—glamorous and glinting in the harbor.  Trekking on land, we will encounter colorful, tile-roofed buildings housing  many eateries and shops, spiced with a French-Creole culture and mellowed with a sun-warmed vibe.  A primary island attraction is Fort Napoléon, built on a bluff as a defensive structure and later used as a prison.  Today, it houses a museum dedicated to the island’s history and environment and boasts a botanical garden of succulents.

Day 8**Nov 14 | St. Vincent-Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines    (B, L, D)
A gem-like strand of 32 islands, of which only nine are inhabited, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is among the most idyllic and least touristy of all the Caribbean island nations.  At 18 miles long, St. Vincent is the largest isle, regarded for its black-sand beaches and sky-blue waters – paradise for leisure sailors and a wonderland for scuba divers and snorkelers.  The imposing, still-active La Soufrière volcano and its surrounding waterfalls and rainforest make St. Vincent a haven for eco-adventures with exceptional hiking trails and a spectacular Botanical Garden – the Caribbean’s oldest.  In the capital city of Kingstown, cobblestone streets lined with arched stone doorways and magnificent churches recall both French and British colonization, as Fort Charlotte overlooks the city from its perch 600 feet above the sea.

Day 9**Nov 15 | Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean | (B, L, D)
Our Story at Sea.  Adventure.  Romance.  Discovery.

Day 10**Nov 16 | Devil’s Island, Iles du Salut, French Guiana|    (B, L, D)
Devil’s Island (Ile du Diable) is one of the three infamous penal colonies of the Iles du Salut archipelago (Islands of Salvation), the other two being Ile Royale and Ile St. Joseph.  The penitentiary was first opened by Emperor Napoleon III’s government in 1852, 1852 and became one of the most infamous prisons in history before closing in 1946.  Each island served a different purpose of the penal colony: Ile Royale was the site of the administrative center, the wardens’ accommodations and for prisoners deemed less dangerous.  The more troublesome convicts of hardened thieves and murderers were kept at Ile St. Joseph.  On the almost inaccessible Devil’s Island, political prisoners such as Alfred Dreyfus were held in isolation.  A great many of the more than 80,000 prisoners sent to the harsh conditions at disease-infested Devil’s Island were never seen again.  Other than by boat, the only way out was through a dense jungle; accordingly, very few convicts ever managed to escape.  The prisoner who became world famous was Henri Charriére, immortalized in the movie Papillon, for supposedly being the only convict ever to have escaped from the “green hell”.

Day 11**Nov 17 | Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean | (B, L, D)
Our Story at Sea.  Adventure.  Romance.  Discovery.

Day 12**Nov 18 | Macapá, Brazil | (B, L, D)
Spend a relaxing day cruising Russia’s intricate waterways. Sail the scenic Svir River, traveling the 139-mile “Blue Route” as it takes you southwest from Lake Onega. Stop in Mandrogy and take some time to explore this museum village. Visit the Vodka Museum or shop for handmade Russian craft items. For a truly immersive experience, try an optional visit to a banya; (traditional Russian bath house), or you may choose an optional tour where you will witness and participate in the art of matryoshka doll making (both tours bookable on board only). Continue along the Svir, then cross Lake Ladoga, Europe’s largest lake, on your way to the Neva River. All meals are served aboard your ship. This is a technical stop; all guests to remain on board the ship.

Day 13**Nov 19 | Santarém, Brazil | (B, L, D)
First settled by Jesuits in 1661, Santarem quickly became a focus of American interest during the rubber boom of the early twentieth century.  Today, Santarem remains one of Brazil’s most important trading centers, and is imbued with the energy of a growing city.  Be sure to view the “Wedding of the Waters”, — the unique merging of the Tapajos clear water with the Amazon’s muddy water.

Day 14**Nov 20 | Parintins, Brazil | (B, L, D)
This small village located on Tupinambarana Island is situated in the largest river archipelago of the mid-Amazon.  This two-century old village is rich in Indian culture, as celebrated with an annual “Boi Bumba”  festival.  This event  has been taking place in the Parintins for over 80 years and is a ritual of magic, mystery, passion and faith.  Enjoy the exotic appeal of the Amazon via this fascinating area.

Day 15**Nov 21 | Manaus, Brazil | (B, L, D)
The capital of the State of Amazonas, the belle époque splendor of Manaus is still evident in the graceful mansions and the Teatro Amazonas opera house.  This city, resting on the Rio Negro, was created by the rubber boom of the mid-19th-century, when steam navigation opened up the Amazon to entrepreneurs and the social elite.  Today, stroll down the Parisian-styled boulevards and Italian piazzas, or watch the fisherman at Municipal Market unload their catch of the day on the river’s edge.

Day 16**Nov 22 | Manaus, Brazil | (B, L, D)
We will enjoy our stay in Manaus.

Day 17**Nov 23 | Boca Da Valeria, Brazil | (B, L, D)
The “mouth”— of the Valeria River, the colorful Caboclo village contains a few wooden houses and an abundance of local wildlife, including monkeys, birds and several varieties of flora.  As Crystal remains anchored off-shore, canoes bearing the local inhabitants will glide through the river’s waters, providing a fascinating display of the colorful culture of the Amazon region.

Day 18**Nov 24 | Macapá, Brazil | (B, L, D)
This is a technical stop; we will remain on board the ship.

Day 19**Nov 25 | Cruising the Coast of Brazil | (B, L, D)
Our Story at Sea.  Adventure.  Romance.  Discovery.

Day 20**Nov 26 | Cruising the Coast of Brazil | (B, L, D)
Our Story at Sea.  Adventure.  Romance.  Discovery.

Day 21**Nov 27 | Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago | (B, L, D)
Just off the coast of Venezuela sit are the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, birthplace of steel pan and calypso music, chutney and limbo.  The island country is raising the bar for what it means to venture to a tropical destination, offering what seems to be just the right combination of things to do and opportunities to do nothing at all, if you so desire. If the “doing”— part of that equation is our speed, then take the ferry that runs between Tobago’s Scarborough and Trinidad’s Port of Spain to see the larger island’s Emperor Valley Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Asa Wright Nature Center and impressive colonial houses, known as the Magnificent Seven.  Just off the shores of Tobago lies Buccoo Reef, a natural wonder viewable by glass-bottom boat, and up on a hill with magnificent, coastal views is Fort King George, a vestige of the islands’ colonial past.

Day 22**Nov 28 | Cruising the Caribbean Sea | (B, L, D)
Our Story at Sea.  Adventure.  Romance.  Discovery.

Day 23**Nov 29 | San Juan, Puerto Rico | (B, L, D)
The dramatic sandstone fortress of El Morro, begun by the Spanish in 1540, was built to guard the harbor against Sir Francis Drake and his British privateers.  Stroll the breezy boulevards of Old San Juan, lined with five centuries of palaces and great homes, as well as outdoor cafés where you can sample the island’s famous coffee and seafood delicacies.

Day 24**Nov 30 | Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean | (B, L, D)
Our Story at Sea.  Adventure.  Romance.  Discovery.

Day 25**Dec 1 | Cruising the Old Bahama Channel | (B, L, D)
Our Story at Sea.  Adventure.  Romance.  Discovery.

Day 26**Dec 2 | Fort Lauderdale – Miami – Honolulu | (B)
Today, we will arrive at Fort Lauderdale.  After our disembarkation, we will meet an Air & Sea representative and transfer to Miami International Airport for our flight to Honolulu, taking home lasting memories of a magnificent cruise vacation.


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Tour Fee Includes

  • Domestic Flight from HONOLULU
  • Sail Roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale
  • 25-Day deluxe Cruise & 24-Night Shipboard Accommodations
  • Airport transportation to Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale
  • Complimentary onboard amenities:
  • Pre-paid basic gratuities for the shipboard staff
  • Open bar service in all lounges throughout the ship
  • Fine wines, premium spirits and beers throughout the vessel and on request for delivery in staterooms
  • Non-alcoholic drinks including bottled water, sodas, and espresso drinks all throughout the vessel and on request for delivery in staterooms
  • Specialty restaurant dining in Nobu Matsuhisa’s Silk Road & The Sushi Bar; and in Prego
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • 24-Hour Shipboard Room Service
  • Full Shipboard Casino
  • Gratuity for tour Guides and Drivers

Payment & Cancellation Policy


  1. Fares are per person, USD based on double occupancy and including all airline taxes and fees, Port Security, Handling Charges and Fuel Surcharges are not included, they are subject to change and /or implementation
  2. Business class is available, please call your agent for price
  3. Cruise accommodation based on double occupancy Deluxe Stateroom with Large Picture Window and Extremely Limited View. Upgrade to Deluxe Stateroom with Large Picture Window, Deluxe Stateroom with Verandah, or Seabreeze Penthouse or Penthouse with Verandah are based on availability.  First come, first serve.
  4. Brazilian visa is NOT included; E-Visa is available online for US$44.24, subject to government approved.
  5. Escorted tour with a minimum of 20 passengers
  6. Local English speaking tour guide service
  7. All Meals & Admissions as Stated
  8. Shore Excursions are NOT included, will be available 180 days prior sailing
  9. All transfers and sightseeing by air conditioned coach
  10. Refer to “General Condition of Air & Sea”
  11. We reserve the right to modify the itinerary to ensure smooth operation
  12. Gratuities for tour guide and drivers is included
  13. Tour price is subject to change according to any airfare increase, increase in government taxes, additional fuel charges and fluctuation of the rate of exchange between S. and foreign currency
  14. Tour price includes fuel surcharge & government taxes and fees. The tour price shown is current at time of listing and pricing on Feb 02 , 2018Payment Policy:CHECK OR CASH PAYMENT ONLY.  A deposit of $1500 per person is required at the time of application.  The balance of payment is due on Aug 1, 2018.  In the event balance payment is not made within the required time period, Air and Sea Travel Center reserves the right to cancel reservations and charge a service fee for cancellation.———————————————————————————————————————————Written notice is required for any cancellation.  The cancellation fee will be as follows if cancelled after:**Aug 1, 2018, 20% of total price plus any other service fee caused from the cancellation;**Sep 24, 2018: 50% of total price plus any other service fee caused from the cancellation;**Oct 7, 2018 or withdrawal during the tour shall be shall be regarded as willingly giving up all rights concerned, 100% of the total price, and the request for other service as substitute shall not be accepted.

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