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Mysterious Northern Silk Road Tour

Cities Covered: Beijing, Urumqi, Altay, Burjin, Kanas, Yining, Narat & Bayanbulak

Itinerary, Departures, & Destinations

B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner | SD: Special Dinner

B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner |

Day 1-2 ** May 19-20 | Honolulu – Beijing
We start our vacation by boarding a Direct Flight to Beijing, the capital of China and an ancient city of great splendor.  Meals and snacks will be served on the overnight flight.

*** Meet at night at the airport on May 19 for our midnight flight. ***

Day 3 ** May 21 | Beijing | (L, D)
Arrive at Beijing International Airport.  An Air & Sea travel representative will greet us and start us on our journey by taking us to the Temple of Heaven, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is widely regarded as the noblest example of religious architecture in all of China.  This is where emperors came to worship heaven for a bountiful harvest.  The design shows that heaven is high and the earth is low and reflects an ancient Chinese saying: ‘the heaven is round and the earth is square’.  Today’s lunch features local specialty Beijing Zha-jiang-mian.  Then, we can explore the city or enjoy free time before checking into our hotel.

Day4**May22 | BeijingUrumqi | (B, L*,D)
After breakfast, take a morning flight to Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygurs Autonomous Region.  Upon arrival, we will visit Red Hill Park (Hongshan Park), which stands out from forest Red Mountain and is an icon of Urumqi.  It is basically in the center of the city of Urumqi and is easily rcognizable because of the nine-story red brick pagoda on the top of the hill.  It is a pleasant spot to visit to get our bearings when we first arrive in this modern city.  Afterward, we will visit the Grand Bazaar, a large market and store area in the Uygur district of Urumqi, and well known as the largest bazaar in the world by scale, combining Islamic culture, architecture, ethnic commerce, tourism and entertainment.  It also a place to brouse and purchase regional and imported products from nearby Russia and Mongolia and the new states to the west.  It is a popular tourist destination as well.  A Special Traditional Dinner will be arranged for our welcome dinner tonight.

Day 5**May 23 | Urumqi – Altay – Burjin | (B, L, D)
Take a morning flight to Altay and drive to Burjin, a small town located at the river bank of Ertish, where China’s only river flows into the Arctic Ocean.  On the way, we will visit Rainbow Beach, also called Multicolored Beach, located in Burjin County of Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.  It is a sightseeing spot known for its unique landforms created by years of wind and water erosion.  Featuring blue sky, a colorful beach and clear water, it is one of the most famous attractions in Xinjiang.  When we arrive at Burjin city, we can experience the local life in the night market and bazaar.  Tonight we will enjoy an unforgettable, traditional style of Local BBQ Fish for dinner.

Day 6**May 24 | Burjin – Kanas | (B, L, D)
Today’s highlight is Kanas Lake, a National 5A-Grade Tourism Scenic Area.  This beautiful mountain lake is located in one of the most remote border areas where China converges with Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia and is one of the most impressive sights in the North Xinjiang Region.  The lake stretches among the dense forest of the Altai Mountains, and is a newly opened lake for all tourists in China and has attained a reputation as “the pearl of Mountain Altai”.  The lake takes on different colors depending on the four seasons of the year, sometimes it turns crystal blue and sometimes it turns dark green, or even gray.  It got its name “The Color-Changing Lake” because you may see the water changing colors.  In May, the water is caesious (bluish) from the melting snow of the surrounding peaks.  On the way to the lake we will also visit Dragon Bay, Moon Bay, and Supernatural Bay before taking a Sightseeing Boat Ride on Kanas Lake.  After this special adventure, we will transfer to our hotel and enjoy our dinner at the hotel.

Day 7**May 25 | Kanas – Altay – Urumqi | (B, L, D) Today, we will visit the old traditional village of Tuva Tribe, China’s Top 10 Scenic Villages.  The Tuvans or Tuvinians are a Turkic speaking group living in southern Siberia.  They are historically known as one of the Uriankhai, from the Mongolian.  Tuvans have historically been cattle-herding nomads, tending to their herds of goats, sheep, camels, reindeer, cattle and yaks for the past thousands of years.  Tuvans mostly live in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region and Lake Kanas where are not officially recognized.  We can climb over 1000 steps to the top of the Fish Viewing Pavilion for a Birdseye view of the Kanas Lake and surrounding snowcapped mountains and enjoy the natural landscape.  After dinner, we will take an evening flight to Urumqi.

Day 8**May 26 | Urumqi – Yining | (B, D)
Today, we will take a flight to Yining, the capital of Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture.  Upon arrival, we will drive to Sayram Lake via the beautiful valley of fruit where we can enjoy Mongolian culture.  It is the largest and also the highest lake in Xinjiang.  In the Kazakh language “Sayram” means “blessing”.  You can take a horse ride by yourself to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  Fruit Valley (Guozigou) is a natural storehouse of plant species with a wide range of fruits and herbs growing in the Yili area.  During spring and summer, this is the most beautiful valley in western Xinjiang.

Day 9**May 27 | Yining – Narat | (B, L, D)
After breakfast, we will drive to Narat Grassland and visit a Kazakh Yurt to experience the local custom.  Narat Grassland is a National 5A-Grade Tourism Scenic Area.  “Narat” in Mongolian literally means “The place where sunshine first appears”.  The color combination of yellow, purple, red, blue, white is the best natural contrast one would like to keep on watching in this Grassland.  Most of the people in the Narat Grasslands are Kazakh people living in local homes called yurts.  Narat Grassland is one of top 4 prairies in the world.  This area is called the pasture on heaven.  The beautiful views will bring us to the pure land and relieve our stress from the modern city.  Special Lunch will be arranged at a Kazakh Yurt.

Day 10**May 28 | Narat – Bayanbulak – Narat | (B, L, D)
After breakfast, we will transfer to Bayanbulak to visit Bayanbulak Grassland National Nature Reserve.  It is a great prairie boasting luxuriant verdant grass, numerous flocks of sheep and varied plants, making it the second largest grassland in China.  The prairie teems with its ‘Four Treasures’:  Yanqi Tianshan horses, Bayabulak dawei (large tail) sheep, Chinese meilinu sheep and yak (otherwise known as the ‘tableland tank’).  In midsummer, flowers are in full bloom, vying with each other in beauty; flocks of sheep graze leisurely, resembling white clouds floating in the blue sky; yurts – circular domed tents used by Mongolian nomads – stud the landscape like the snow lotus of Tianshan Mountain.  Let’s enjoy this beautiful nature scenery.  After that, we will return to Narat.  Tonight, enjoy a Roast Lamb Dinner with Local Music and a Dance Performance.

Day 11**May 29 | Narat – Yining | (B, L, D)
After driving back to Yining, we will visit the Bridge on the River Yili, a hyperbolic arch bridge made of reinforced concrete. A river-bank park coving over 165 acres has already become a wonderful place for people to spend their holiday.  The river originates from the Tianshan mountains and winds its way westward through Ili valley.  Let us enjoy the whole scenery of River Yili.

Day 12**May 30 | Yining – Beijing | (B, L, D*)
After breakfast, we will visit Kazanqi Folk Cultural Street where many different Kazanqi performances provide us the opportunity to learn about the lifestyles and traditional cultures of the different ethnic groups.  Then, this afternoon, we will fly back to Beijing, the capital of China.

Day 13**May 31 | Beijing | (B)
Beijing, China’s massive capital has a history stretching back 3 millennia.  It’s known as much for its modern architecture as its ancient sites.  Today we can explore the charm and dynamic beauty of Beijing on our own or you can take an optional tour to the Great Wall and Forbidden City.

*** Depart to airport at 9:00PM.  Our flight leaves at 1:50 AM midnight on June 01.

*** Hotel room is reserved until the June 01, so we do not need to check out till late at night. 

Day 14 **June 01 | Beijing – Honolulu
Our flight to Honolulu leaves after midnight, ending our wonderful tour in China.

We arrive at Honolulu on May 31 at approximately 5:30PM.

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Tour Fee Includes

  • International Direct Flight from Honolulu to Beijing
  • 5 Domestic Air Fares
  • Hotel Accommodations for 11 Nights (based on double occupancy)
  • Admissions and 29 Meals as stated
  • The second large Grassland – Bayanbulak Grassland National Nature Reserve
  • Roast Lamb Dinner & Show
  • Visits to 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites:
    *Temple of Heaven
    *Silk Road

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