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Yangtze River & Zhongshan Adventure Tour

Cities and Sites Covered: Shanghai, Wuhan, Yichang, Yangtze River, Chongqing & Zhongshan

Itinerary, Departures, & Destinations

B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner | SD: Special Dinner

Day 1**May 5 | Honolulu – Shanghai
We start our vacation by boarding an international flight bound for Shanghai, the most populous city in China.  Meals and snacks will be served on the plane.

 Day 2**May 6 | Shanghai
Upon arrival at Shanghai International Airport, an Air & Sea Travel representative will greet and escort us to our hotel.

Day 3**May 7 | Shanghai – Wuhan | (B, D)
In the morning, we will take a flight to Wuhan, the most populous city in Central China.  Wuhan is recognized as the political, economic, financial, cultural, and educational and transportation center of central China.  Upon arrival, we will visit Yellow Crane Tower,  a traditional Chinese tower made famous by poems written about it. Tonight, a Welcome Dinner will be arranged.

Day 4**May 8 | WuhanYichang – Yangtze River | (B, L, D)
After Breakfast, we will visit Hubei Provincial Museum, one of the best-known museums in China, with many State-level historic and cultural relics in its collection.  After that, we will visit Guiyuan Temple, a Buddhist temple.  After lunch, we will drive to Yichang, known as the “Gateway to the Three Gorges”.  In the evening, we will start our Yangtze River Adventure when we board a luxurious and distinguished 5-Star River Cruise Ship — Century Legend.  It is the newest, 5-star luxury modern river cruise with the largest cabins, quality service, true culinary treats and a variety of onboard activities.

 Day 5**May 9 | Yangtze River | (B, L, D)
Early in the morning, we can do Tai Chi exercise on deck.  Tai Chi Chuan is a sophisticated method of fighting based on the reconciliation of dynamically interacting forces. Daily practice of Tai Chi promotes mental clarity and a healthy body, assists with balance and helps blood circulation.  After a buffet breakfast, we will sail through Xiling Gorge, the longest of the three gorges known for its swift currents and dangerous shoals.  We will take a Shore Excursion to the worksite of the Three Gorges Dam Sites.  The dam is the largest water conservation project for flood control, generation, cultivation and flood discharge.  The cruise will pass and navigate through the 5 Ship Locks at the Three Gorges Dam.  In the evening we will have the Captain’s Welcoming Banquet and a Crew Cabaret show. 

Day 6**May 10 | Yangtze River | (B, L, D)
This morning, the ship will enter Wu Gorge, famous for its meandering waterways and mystical, ever-changing fog that hovers over the river.  We will take a Boat Excursion to explore the Shennv Stream or “Goddess Stream”.  The scenic area of Shennv Stream is a newly-developed scenic area with the construction of the Three Gorges Project.  Due to the perpendicular mountains, deep valleys and turbulent water, very few people reach this area, so the sceneries are still in pristine condition and are worth visiting.  Some of them are so vivid that we would find it hard to believe they exist.  After lunch, the ship will enter Qutang Gorge, the shortest, narrowest but most striking section of the three gorges, with sky-soaring majestic mountains on both sides.  Tonight’s onboard entertainment will include Traditional Folk Songs and Dances.

Day 7**May 11 | Yangtze River | (B, L, D)
Today, a Shore Excursion is scheduled to Shibaozhai (Stone Treasure Fortress), an isolated steep peak along the river bank.  We can take a staircase to the top of a magnificent twelve-story red pavilion built on the peak.  The Three Gorges Dam would have submerged the base of the red pavilion but a coffer dam was built around the base to protect it from the rising water level.  After lunch, we can attend Culture Lectures.  Topics include the evolution of the dam project and its importance to China, the immigration life of the people along the Three gorges, the history of Three Kingdoms, Chinese medicine, poetry by many famous Chinese sages, Chinese language, Chinese calligraphy, dumpling wrapping, etc.  The Captain’s Farewell Dinner is arranged for tonight.

Day 8**May 12 | Yangtze River – Chongqing – Guangzhou – Zhongshan | (B, D)
The Yangtze River Adventure concludes in the city of Chongqing.  The city presents a unique magnificent picture with miles of roads and streets winding up and down the hills and along the riverbanks. We will visit the Chongqing Zoo to see the Da Xiong Mao (Giant Panda). The panda house was built in 1989, and  its distinctive design of gardens provides and imitates the natural environment for the pandas. In the afternoon, we will take a flight to Guangzhou, and transfer to our hotel in Zhongshan.

Day 9**May 13 |  Zhongshan |  (B, L)
After breakfast, we will visit Cuiheng Village, known as the birthplace of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.  Once in the village, we will visit the Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) Residence Memorial Museum, one of the symbolic structures in Guangzhou with its majestic appearance and the infused rich Chinese national color.  Then, we will do some shopping in Zhongshan Shopping Street, where can find many different types of souvenirs here.  After that, we will visit Zhan Garden, the famous Garden in Zhongshan.  After dinner, we will go back to our hotel and rest.

 Day 10**May 14 | Zhongshan – Hong Kong – Honolulu | (B)
After breakfast, we will take a ferry from Zhongshan to Hong Kong International Airport. We will take our return flight back to Honolulu.  This will end our wonderful cultural exchange experiences in China, taking with us lasting memories.

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Tour Fee Includes

  1. 5-Star River Cruise Ship– Century Legend
  2. Visit the traditional chinese tower — Yellow Crane Tower
  3. Vist the best-known museums in China- Hubei Provincial Museum
  4. The largest water conservation — Three Gorges Dam Sites
  5. To see the cutest animal in China — Giant Panda

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Written notice is required for any cancellation.  $350 deposit is non-refundable if you cancel within 70 days before departure.


Within 70 days before departure, the cancellation fee will be as follow:

** 69-31 days prior to departure, 50% of total price plus any other service fee caused from the cancellation;
** 30 days prior to departure or withdrawing during the tour shall be regarded as willingly giving up all rights concerned, 100% of total price, and request for other services as a substitute shall not be accepted.

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