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180307 Taiwan

Cities Covered: Taichung, Changhua, Chiayi, Qingjing, Nantou & Taipei

Itinerary, Departures, & Destinations

B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner | SD: Special Dinner

***Please bring swimming suit and swimming cap for the hot springs**

Day 1-2**MAR 7 – 8 | Honolulu- Taoyuan
We start our vacation by boarding an international flight bound for Taoyuan, a city that went  from a satellite city of the Taipei metropolitan area to become the fourth largest metropolitan area and fifth-largest populated city in Taiwan.  Meals and snacks will be served on the plane.

*** Meet at night at the airport on March 7th for our midnight flight. ***

Day 3**MAR 9 | Taoyuan  – Taichung | (L)
Upon arrival at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, an Air & Sea Travel representative will greet us and get us started on our Spring Blossom Tour.  Today, we will travel south to Taichung, an industrial city on the western side of central Taiwan and a gateway for exploring the island’s mountainous interior.  First, we will visit the Chung-she Flower Garden where we will see 9 different types of flowers in full bloom in March.  Tulips are one of the most popular flowers that attract tourists and locals from other regions of Taiwan.  This garden is the only one that has succeeded in growing tulips in low altitude areas of central Taiwan.  By applying special refrigeration techniques, the flowering time is regulated, and about 150,000 tulip bulbs with differing varieties are planted and are in full bloom from January to March each year.  Then we will go to Gaomei Wetland, a place where the land and the sea meet and where we can catch the sea breeze and spot thousands of crabs, mud-skippers and rare birds.  After enjoying a Hakka Cuisine, we will transfer to Park Lane by China Metal Products (CMP), which is a new concept of ‘integration of life’ in department store design.  The outside wall is covered with 150,000 plants, making it a beautiful building with natural green.  The department store also introduces new innovative brands not found in other stores.  Then we will transfer to our hotel in Taichung.  Tonight, we will take a tour of the bustling Fengjia Night Market, one of the popular markets in Taiwan where local merchants sell snacks and provide entertainment.  We will then walk around to experience Taiwan’s nightlife and enjoy our dinner here.

Day 4**MAR 10 | Taichung- Changhua- Taichung | (B, L, D)
After breakfast, we will transfer to Changhua which is ranked first by population among county-controlled cities.  The Hans used Changhua as a base when they invaded Taiwan and built a fortress out of bamboo to defend themselves from the Taiwanese aborigines.  In Taiwan, rice is the most important food source and Chunghua is a major county that produces the most rice in Taiwan.  We can always hear local Taiwanese say “no rice no life”.  Today, we will visit Rice Castle and enjoy a Hands-on ExperienceDIY popcorn.  After lunch, we will spend some time to explore Changhua.  Lukang is an important port in Changhua from the Qing Dynasty and also one of the oldest towns in Taiwan where merchants, fishermen, and businessmen gathered.  Let’s walk around Old Street and explore the little shops that sell souvenirs and interesting snacks.  We will also see the Lukang Artist Village.  Then, we will visit Taiwan Glass Gallery, a unique building with a glass tunnel & maze that has many collections of artistic & practical glassware.  We can find many glass art-crafts, and observe glass blowers create works of art.  We will also have a chance to go through the Golden Tunnel, a space surrounding by glass and mirrors.  Temples in Taiwan are like folk arts museums.  But, have you seen a temple made out of glass?  Mazu Glass Temple is the only one in the world made out of glass.  Mazu is the indigenous goddess of the sea who protects fishermen and sailors, and is invoked as the patron deity of all Southern Chinese and East Asian people.  We can find many temples in Taiwan honoring Mazu, but this is the only temple constructed entirely out of glass.  Please enjoy the visit to the glass temple.  Tonight, we will have All You Can Eat Hot-Pot for dinner.

Day 5** MAR 11 | Taichung- Chiayi- Alishan | (B, L, D)
Afterwards, we will continue our journey to Chiayi, the gateway city to the famous Alishan (Mt. Ali).  Yuyupas is an indigenous cultural park about the Tsou Tribe, an indigenous people of central southern Taiwan located in Alishan, Chiayi County.  The name Yuyupas means rich and safe in Tsou.  The exhibition hall displays items from their everyday life from hunting gear to clothing.  After lunch in the park, we will enjoy the tribe’s performance that shows the original ecology of the Tsou traditional song and dance, presented from the era of ancient legend, the reign of the Netherlands, the Japanese colonial period, the Guangfu until the modern history and culture of the Tsou.  Tonight, we will arrive at Alishan (Mt.Ali), a mountain indigenous township in Chiayi County.  Enjoy the facilities and Buffet Dinner at the hotel in Alishan.

Day 6** MAR 12 | Alishan- Chiayi | (B, L, D)
We have a special pre-breakfast Sunrise Tour on Alishan Forest Railway, a 54 mile network of narrow railways running up to and throughout the mountain resort of Alishan.  This tourist attraction with unique Z-shaped switchbacks, 50 tunnels, and over 77 wooden bridges is one of only three mountain rails in the world.  After that, we will return to our hotel to enjoy breakfast.  Today’s highlight is Alishan National Scenic Area, one of the major landmarks associated with Taiwan.  250 years ago, a chief of the Tsou tribe had a successful hunting trip on a mountain and in memory of him, the tribe named the mountain “Alishan”.  The song “Alishan de guniang” (Chinese: 阿里山的姑娘; English: The Girls of Alishan) refers to the beautiful girls of the Tsou aborigine tribe and is one of Taiwan’s most popular folk songs.  It is also well known in China and several foreign countries.   Cherry Blossoms are blooming in March, so we can enjoy these beautiful flowers.  After lunch, we will return to Chiayi.  We will walk around in an old street called the Fengqihu Old Street where we can find various shops, snacks, and souvenirs.  After dinner, we will stay overnight in Chiayi.

Day 7** MAR 13 | Chiayi – Sun Moon Lake (Nantou) |(B, L, D)
After breakfast, we will continue our journey in Chiayi.  First we will visit the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, known for its collection of Chinese artifacts from the Qing Palace, which housed precious artifacts collected by the imperial family over thousands of years. These artifacts total nearly 700,000 pieces and include antiquities, paintings and calligraphy, historical documents and rare books, and Asian artifacts, making them one of the world’s unique collections of cultural assets.  After lunch in the Beigang Spring Life Museum which focuses on the history of Beigang culture, we will walk around the museum and have a Hands-on Experience – DIY Chopsticks.  Chopsticks are eating utensils used mostly by Asian countries.  After this experience, we will transfer to Sun Moon Lake, and enjoy a local specialty cuisine – Fruit Meal.  After dinner, we will transfer to our Natural Hot Springs Hotel in Sun Moon Lake.

 Fleur de Chine Hotel Mountain Mist Spring: As the steady breeze sways, the intoxicating fragrance from the water slides made from Chinese cypress timbers and the steam from the hot spring combine in the misty air, we can immerse in the spring pool to soothe and relax our nerves, while admiring the scenery on the horizon cast by the sunset glow. 

Day 8** MAR 14 | Sun Moon Lake (Nantou) | (B, L, D)
Today, we will spend our day in Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, an amusement park in Nantou.  The park contains the tallest free-fall ride in Taiwan as well as Taiwan’s largest European garden and bell tower.  In this amusement park, we can enjoy different entertainment attractions. One of the most popular programs at the Culture Village is the splendid aboriginal folk dance show at Naruwan Theatre, performed by representatives from Taiwan’s nine aborigine tribes.  We can also enjoy the show in Pestle Music Theatre for performances of traditional aboriginal instruments and the Culture Square for the welcome and farewell show.  These are must see shows at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.  We will continue to today’s highlight – seeing the hundreds of thousands of Lavender flowers in this Village.  After that, we will return to our hot spring hotel and enjoy a Buffet Dinner.

Day 9**MAR 15 | Sun Moon Lake (Nantou) -Qingjing | (B, L, D)
Sun Moon Lake is the largest body of water in Taiwan and a popular tourist attraction.  The lake surrounds a tiny island called Lalu and the east side resembles a sun while the west side resembles a moon, hence the name.  Today, we will take a Boat Ride from Sheshui Terminal to Syuanguang Temple which lies between Sun Lake and Moon Lake.  A golden idol of Master Syuanzang, above which is written, “Great National Scholar” is inside.  After a Shaoxing Cuisine lunch, we will proceed to Qingjing city.  First, we will visit Green Green Grassland in QingJin Farm- Grassy Land, known as a “Foggy Eden” far away from the city area in the mountains.  It is a great place for those who enjoy fresh air, lush forests, acres of flowers along the plains and hillside, and beautiful starry nights.  Green Green Grassland is an open pastureland where livestock such as sheep and cows can roam and graze freely.  We are able to see the animals up close and interact with them.   If you are not afraid of height, you can also do a Skyline activity at the farm that allows you to see the whole farm and see the amazing animals.

Day 10** MAR 16 | QingJing – Taipei | (B, L, D)
After breakfast, we will transfer to Taipei Railway Station and board the High-Speed Railway to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.  This is the most scenic and fastest way to travel through Taiwan.  Today’s lunch features Beef Noodle, Taiwan’s national dish.  Then we will move forward to Beitou, the most mountainous and highest of Taipei’s districts and famous for its hot spring.  After that, we will visit Geothermal Valley, sometimes simply Thermal Valley or Hell Valley.  It is a volcanic crater filled with steaming natural sulfuric hot spring water. The mineral composition of the rare green sulfur spring waters can only be found in two locations in the world, here in Beitou and in Akita, Japan.  The hot spring resort business was started in Beitou in 1896 by a Japanese businessman from Osaka.  We will check into our Hot Spring Resort for the night and take some time to enjoy the hot spring resort.  Tonight we will have dinner at the hotel.

 Beitou Spring City Resort: Located near Sulfur Valley, pure and milky colored spring water will be offered.  We can boost our immune system, and even get relief from arthritis and dermatosis by soaking in the spring water. 

Day 11** MAR 17 | Taipei | (B, L)
Free leisure time this morning.  Enjoy the springs and facilities of the beautiful hot springs hotel.  After lunch, we start our tour to Yangmingshan National Park, a volcanic terrain-type park featuring crater lakes and sulfur fumaroles, hot springs, grassy plains and blossoming cherry trees, butterflies, and birds.   During this season, we can enjoy cherry blossoms and azaleas in the park.  We will visit the Shilin Official Residence, the residence of Republic of China’s President Chiang Kai-Shek.  Its garden is a great example of combining eastern and western horticultural styles, with beautiful flowers and ecological gardens.  Tonight, we can enjoy our free time in Taipei.

Day 12** MAR 18 | Taipei- Honolulu | (B, D)
After breakfast, enjoy free time in the morning.  After checking out of our hotel, we will visit the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall a famous monument, landmark and tourist attraction erected in memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the former President of the Republic of China.  Then we will visit Longshan Temple, a typical example of Taiwanese classical architecture filled with deities and fine stone and wood carvings. After a farewell dinner featuring Traditional Teppanyaki and French Cuisine, we will transfer to Taoyuan International Airport for our return flight home, ending our fantastic spring flower festival tour to Taiwan.

We wish you a safe journey and many wonderful memories to share with family and friends!

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Tour Fee Includes

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  • Deluxe Hotel Accommodations (Based on Double Occupancy)
  • Admissions and 26 Meals as Stated
  • The Most Popular Ranking Spring Blossom Scenic Spots in Taiwan:
    • Alishan (Mt. Ali) National Scenic Area with Forest Railway
    • Formosa Aboriginal Village
    • Yangmingshan National Park
    • Chung-she Flower Garden
    • Shilin Official Residence
  • Sun Moon Lake with Boat Ride
  • Hands-on Experience:
    • Popcorn
    • Chopsticks
  • Night Market
  • Local Specialty: Hakka cuisine, Shaoxing Cuisine, Fruit Meal,

All You Can Eat Hot Pot, Beef noodles, Crock Pot Soup, Taiwanese Dim Sum

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