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Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang, Kaili, Guiyang, Huangguoshu, Chongqing, Jiuzhaigou, Chengdu, Leshan & Guangzhou

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In China, a national park must possess historical or scenic importance, so we can expect spectacular scenery and landscapes, cultural sites, rare plants and wildlife.  In total, there are now 225 national parks in China and many of them are also UNESCO protected sites.  On this World Heritage Site tour, we will see some of China’s most incredible sites of natural beauty.  We will visit Zhangjiajie and Jiuzhaigou, gems of natural beauty that must be seen to be believed.  No photograph can even begin to do them justice.  We will also visit the largest stone Buddha in the World in Leshan, and the greatest waterfall in Asia, Huangguoshu Waterfall.  In Chengdu, home of the giant panda, we will get to see these living treasures up close.  There are so many exciting things to see on the China Fall Colors and National Parks Tour!


OCT 25 – NOV 09, 2017

Day 1|Oct 25|Honolulu – Incheon
We start our vacation by boarding an international flight bound for Changsha, the capital and largest city of Hunan Province in south-central China.  Meals and a snack will be served on the plane.

Day 2|Oct 26|Incheon
Arrive in Incheon International Airport. We will stay overnight in Incheon where hotel accommodations will be provided by the airline.

Day 3|Oct 27|Incheon – Changsha – Zhangjiajie|(D)
This morning, our flight departs for Changsha.  Upon our arrival, an Air & Sea Travel representative will greet and escort us to Zhangjiajie, the home of China’s first National Forest Park and Wulingyuan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site designated in 1992.  Zhangjiajie is one of the filming grounds of the movie Pandora – Avatar.

Day 4|Oct 28|Zhangjiajie|(B, L, D)
Today we will enjoy a full day at the National Forest Park of Tianmen Mountain.  It has been called “one of the most beautiful mountains in the world” by many travelers who have been there.  The stunning views including ‘Heaven’s Door‘ (Tianmen Cave) and the 99 Bends (Heaven-linking Avenue), vertical cliffs, the thrilling cliff-hanging walkway and Glass Skywalk (Ghost-valley plank road), and The World’s Longest Cable Car Ride to the summit, make it unquestionably one of the best mountains to visit in China.  Come and climb the ‘Stairway to Heaven‘!

Day 5|Oct 29|Zhangjiajie|(B, L, D)
We will spend the day in the Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve and the Ten Mile Gallery.  The Tianzi Mountains were formed from quartz sandstone 400 million years ago.  These amazing sandstone peaks rise upwards into the sky, often “drifting” among the clouds and thick mists.  This is the place that served as inspiration for the floating mountains featured in the movie Avatar.  We will ride the Bailong Elevator up the side of a massive sandstone column in the mountain range.  This modern day creation has three Guinness Book of World Records awards!  First, it’s the tallest outdoor glass elevator; second, it’s the world’s tallest double-decker sightseeing elevator; and third, it’s the world’s fastest passenger elevator with the largest carrying capacity.  Ten Mile Gallery is a 5 km road with all kinds of scenery and attractions.  It is like an exhibition based in the gorge and the story of a Chinese Cartoon. Along the road are 200 peaks such as The Old Man Collecting Medicine, Parents Holding a Son, and Three Sisters.  We can enjoy the gallery by taking a Mini Train running on narrow railway tracks through the scenic area.  It gives a magic feeling of the movie world.

Day 6|Oct 30|Zhangjiajie – Fenghuang|(B, L, D)
This morning, we will transfer to a well-preserved ancient town, Fenghuang Cheng.  Fenghuang Cheng (Phoenix Ancient Town) is a wonderful example of what villages were like prior to the onset of modernization.  Here dozens of alleys paved with flagstones run between the houses, each showing wear caused by the feet of generations of local people who have used them when going about their daily business.  For the visitor, these alleys are the way to see the typical high gabled wooden houses built on stilts along the banks of the Tuo Jiang River at close quarters.  Stretching diagonally from the northwest to southeast of the town, Tuo Jiang River is a life force of the local people.  Women wash their clothes and men fish with their nets in the river, while on the banks, food is prepared in much the same way as it has for centuries.  Upon arrival, we can wander along dozens of alleys paved with flagstones between the houses and also check out the town from the water on a gentle Boat Ride down the Tuo Jiang river.

Day 7|Oct 31|Fenghuang – Kaili|(B, L, D)
Today, we will travel to Kaili, Guizhou Province.  On the way, we will visit Yungu Pastoral Eco-agriculture Tourism Park (WECO Park).  Taiwan invested money in this 2,300 acre park to create a modern agricultural demonstration area.  It features large-scale organic agriculture green houses, an organic ecological restaurant, and provides opportunities for locals and tourists to gather green and pollution-free food.  The park is an eco-agriculture sightseeing venue that can meet the demands for sightseeing and recreation by visitors from the city.  Tonight, we will stay at Kaili.

Day 8|Nov 1|Kaili – Guiyang | (B, L, D)
After breakfast in the hotel, we will drive to Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province.  The city is renowned for its colorful culture, represented by various ethnic groups and its special landform – Karst (landscape underlain by limestone that has been eroded by dissolution, producing ridges, towers, fissures, sinkholes, and other characteristic landforms).  Guiyang is home to more than 30 minority ethnic groups including Miao, Buyi, Dong and Hui. Consequently, it abounds with unique folk culture and traditions that give rise to colorful ethnic minority activities.  With many Karst caves, the city is even regarded as an ecological model on Karst Landform.  Upon our arrival, we will enjoy some leisure time before heading out for the world-class authentic folk performing art show “The Wind of Colorful Guizhou organized by the Guizhou Provincial Government and Guizhou Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe.  As one of the signature characteristics of Guizhou, the show focuses on the culture, art and daily life of the minorities.

Day 9|Nov 2|Guiyang – Huangguoshu – Guiyang|(B, L, D)
Today’s excursion will take us to the Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Park.  Water cascades down a cliff into the Rhinoceros Pool (Xi Niu Tan).  Sunlight is diffracted through the drops of water, producing glorious rainbows.   Huangguoshu Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Asia, a scenic marvel and shouldn’t be missed in Guizhou Province.  We can enjoy the beautiful view by going on the Sightseeing Escalator.  Half a mile away is Tupotang Waterfall, the widest in the park and looks like a dam.  After lunch, we will continue to a national scenic resort, The Longgong Cave (also known as Dragon Palace Cave) at AnshunIt is a topographical phenomenon that is typical of a limestone landmass and is actually a cave, whose gorgeous interior is suggestive of the crystal palace in Chinese mythology.  It was given its name due to its resemblance to the Dragon King’s palace described in one of China’s most influential novels, “Journey to the West”.  Our Tourist Boats can sail through a 3,000- meter section of the underground river that runs through the “palace”.  Its main part consists of magnificent karst river caves and a waterfall inside the cave.  After the tour, we will drive back to Guiyang.

Day 10|Nov 3|Guiyang – Chongqing|(B, L, D)
Today we will transfer to Chongqing.  Chongqing is the largest municipality in southwest China.  It is a modern port city on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River where the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers come together.  As China’s fourth municipality after Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin, Chongqing has maintained rapid economic development while preserving a wonderful natural environment.  Known as the ‘Mountain City’, it has a wavy terrain and encompasses a wealth of water reserves, mineral resources, dense forests, and abundant flora and fauna.  Dinner tonight features the nation-wide famous Chongqing Hot Pot.

Day 11|Nov 4|Chongqing – Jiuzhaigou Q|(B, L, D)
In the morning we will transfer to Chengdu Airport for a short flight to Jiuzhaigou.  Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 and a World Biosphere Reserve in 1997.  Locally it is known as Jiuzhaigou, meaning “Valley of the Nine Villages”, and the nine villages are spread around the valley within the Park and home to about 110 Tibetan and Qiang families.  This park is all about the scenery: scenery that takes your breath away and begins with the flight over dramatic snow-capped mountains, forested canyons, rivers, and lakes before landing at Jiuzhaigou Airport, perched on a mountaintop.  Upon our arrival, we will transfer to the hotel and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

Day 12|Nov 5|Jiuzhaigou|(B, L, D)
After breakfast, we head to the Jiuzhaigou National Park for a full day of sightseeing on a green (non- polluting) bus.  The park is absolutely stunning and one of the most beautiful locations we can visit in China.  It is also well organized and well maintained.  Its attraction lies in its simple, idyllic beauty as it is a fairyland: primitive, natural and still in its pristine state.  The waterfalls’ sheer magnitude and crystal clear waters will help us feel full of positive energy.  The lakes are breathtakingly beautiful, the air is clean, and the water is pure.  Some highlights inside the park are Panda Lake and Waterfall, Long Lake, Colorful Pond, Nuorilang Waterfall, Tiger Lake, and Multicolored Lake.  Jiuzhaigou is incredibly picturesque, particularly in autumn when the mountains, valleys, lakes are shrouded in autumn colors.  Warm days, cool nights, and great vistas of saturated yellows, reds, orange, and green mixed with the blue lake water are autumn scenes of Jiuzhaigou.  It is one of the best places to see fall colors in China.

Day 13|Nov 6|Jiuzhaigou – Chengdu|(B, L, D)
This morning, a City Tour is arranged.  We will make a picture and shopping stop in front of Jiuzhaigou Tibetan Village.  In the afternoon, we will take a flight to Chengdu, the most populated city in China.  Chengdu is one of the most important economic, transportation, and communication centers in Western China.  Chengdu Shuangliu Airport is rated one of the top 50 airports in the world.

Day 14|Nov 7|Chengdu – Leshan – Chengdu|(B, L, D)
Upon our arrival, we will transfer to Leshan, literally “happy mountain”, to visit the Leshan Grand Buddha, located in the southern part of Sichuan Province.  The Leshan Giant Buddha is a 71-meter (233 ft) tall stone statue, built during the Tang Dynasty.  It is carved out of a cliff where the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi Rivers meet.  The stone sculpture faces Mount Emei, with the rivers flowing below his feet.  It is the largest stone Buddha in the world and the tallest pre-modern statue in the world.  A leisure way to enjoy the trip is by taking a Boat Ride.  Afterwards, we will head to Jinli, a 550 meter long street that is a part of the Temple of Marquis.  The buildings are constructed in the Qing Dynasty style and the theme is a traditional folk custom called Three Kingdoms Culture.  Jinli was named the “National Top Ten City Commercial Pedestrian Street” and “National Demonstration Base of The Cultural Industry” by the Ministry of Culture.  After a local flavored dinner, we will enjoy a famous Sichuan Opera – Mask Changing.

Day 15|Nov 8|Chengdu – Guangzhou|(B, L)
Today’s highlight is the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.  It is one of the newly established homes for the giant pandas from the Wolong Panda Reserve.  Sichuan is the homeland of the Giant Panda. Visitors from home and abroad come to Chengdu, Sichuan to see these adorable animals. After lunch, we’ll transfer to the airport for our flight to Guangzhou.  Upon arrival, we will check into our hotel.

Day 16|Nov 9|Guangzhou – Incheon – Honolulu|(B)
Today we fly home via Incheon, taking with us the lasting memories of this wonderful trip to China.








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JiuzhaigouLeshan Grand BuddhaPandaHuangguoshu Waterfall



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  • Filming Grounds of “Avatar” & “Hero”
  • Leshan Grand Buddha – The Largest Stone Buddha in the World
  • Huangguoshu Waterfall – The Greatest Waterfall in Asia
  • World-class Oriental folk performing art show “The Colorful Guizhou”
  • Panda Reserve Center
  • Sichuan Opera – Mask Changing
  • Bottled Water Provided Daily
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