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  • Upon friendly consultation and based on the principle of equality and reciprocity, China and the US have agreed to issue long-validity and multi-entry visas to each other’s citizens travelling for business, sightseeing and overseas study. According to the agreement, China and the US will issue multi-entry business and tourist visas with the validity of up to 10 years, and multi-entry student and exchange visas with the validity of up to 5 years to each other’s citizens. This will greatly facilitate personnel exchanges between the two countries, and is significant in promoting exchanges and cooperation in various fields.
  • From November 12, 2014, Passport and Visa Office of Chinese Consulate-General in Los Angeles starts to implement the above-mentioned new policy and accepts 10-year multiple-entry visa application for tourist(L), business(M), short-term visit to relatives(Q2), private matters(S2) purposes and 5-year multiple-entry visa application for study(X1) purpose. The application materials required are the same as before and the validity period of the passport submitted should be 1 year plus.
  • Chinese Consulate-General in Los Angeles
  • November 12, 2014
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To apply for a China Tourism Visa, please kindly provide

      • Under 18 years old, please call for more details.
        • Valid Passport Book

        Note: Make sure it is valid for 12 months based on the Consulate approval date.

        • Passport must have two blank visa pages stamp free.

        Note: Amendment pages and Endorsement pages are not the visa pages; please do not count these pages.

        • Copy of Bank Statement.

        On section 1.15 if you check students, self employed or unemployed, please provide the following:

        1. A copy of your bank statement.
        2. Your bank statement is reccomend to have minimum of $6,000 USD shown in balance.


        • Type & Complete China Visa Application Form.
        1. No hand written forms will be accepted.
        2. Type in English capital letters.
        3. Do not leave any portions blank and if some of the items do not apply, please type N/A or None.
        4. Be sure to sign and date on Page.4


        • OneRECENT” (taken within 6 months) passport-sized photo (2” x 2”).

        Note: Photo must be of passport holder’s Front view, not side view.  White background with color picture, no black & white pictures. Photo must be taken by professional businesses, including Costco, Longs and others …….. 

        • A copy of your Round-trip flight itinerary
        • A copy of your hotel Confirmation
        • A copy of Photo ID (one of them): must be issued by Hawaii, Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico or American Pacific Island
        1. Driver’s License with address
        2. State ID with address
        3. School Picture ID of relevant state must be indicated on the ID. Such as “Hawaii”, “Honolulu”, “Southern California”, etc.
        4. If none of above, please provide birth certificate, both parents’ Hawaii photo ID and copy of passports for an applicant who is under 18 years old.


        • A copy of a current valid Passport ** first page only, with signature **


        • For those who have applied for a China Visa before, but holding a NEW PASSPORT BOOK now.

        You MUST bring in the old passport with proof of the most current expired China Visa.  This is required by the Chinese Consulate. Other Information for China Tourism Visa

        • Our weekly send out schedule ** Friday at 11:00 AM.

        Note: Please drop off passport and necessary documents before 10:00 AM on Friday 

        • Passport & Visa return in 14 working days ** Regular Service.

        Note: From October 2013, no expedited service will be provided unless it is an emergency case.

          Passport  Validity Visa Granted Suggested Retail
        REGULAR SERVICE** Multiple Entries 12 Months 10-Year China Visa $ 200.00**Price is subject to change without notice
        • Applicants born in China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan ** Birth Place Shown on passport book **.

        Note: Please call office for more information.  Different Requirements.

      • To apply for another type of China Visa, please call for more details.


Visa approval is subject to the consulate aprroval only.

1.$200.00 is only for Regular Service & Hawaii, Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico or American Pacific Island Photo ID Holders.

2.In Box 1.9 Local ID, fill in your driver license number or state ID number.

3.Please note that in Part 3 & Part 4, no change or correction is allowed (no white out).

4.Please kindly print the 4 pages visa form as 2-sided printing. (total of 2 papers only)

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